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Welcome to my live journal!

Well it's been a while since I posted anything to the site. I added a new story last night, that I would like to expand on. As far as the other things, that I had hoped to finish, I'm afraid that it may not happen. My computer crashed and I lost everything on it....but, I did find an old backup disk from another computer, that may have some Fic on it, so even though I may no longer have what I had been working to finish, I may have the beginnings and notes so that I won't have to start from scratch. The sad thing is, that was the second time I've lost everything...note to self, finish what you start, quickly!

Please enjoy your stay and the fic!


Santana ~ Denise

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The Training Job

This was a response for a prompt posted on Bite Sized Fic... ciaimpala wanted to see Parker and Hardison take care of Eliot after The Rundown Job. The funny thing was I had posted practically the same prompt. I may expand on this...if I do it will be posted to Fanfiction.net. Enjoy!Read more...Collapse )
Congrats to deanangst on meeting her goals for the week. Her prompt was:

Steve loves to watch Christian sleep he's amazed how young/ small/innocent Chris looks when he's not wearing the "KANE" mask and is simply steves boyfriend Christian.
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Round Up

For Sarmsank who prompted:
So let's have the pair of course be Steve and Christian and one of them passing out and being at the ER and take it from there. They don't have to be singers/guitar players could be totally AU.

I went totally A/U….I hope this works for you!!!

Round Up By Santana
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Coming Home

This is a response to DeanAngst's prompt on Fit For Kane.Read more...Collapse )



By Santana

The white hat really doesn’t suit you, but I like the hair…

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How to Choose a New Car

The Team needs a new car, but quickly find, that even this task can't be simple.  ( Deaged Eliot)

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Leverage: 8 Seconds (A deaged Eliot story)

Authors notes:  This is a late Christmas pressie for my sister.  it goes with her story "Rocky the Horse".    Hope you enjoy!!! Read more...Collapse )

Daydream: By Santana

Treasures: by Santana